Third Vision

Almost all of us use some kind of intelligence in our daily activities. Automatic parking doors, alarm clocks, stove timers, remote controls and…. But when we talk about smart home, we mean something more than that. A smart home is, in simple terms, a modern home or building where all its components and appliances are integrated by a central system and work well together. In a smart home, you can easily control everything in the house from wherever you are, even if you are in the world. You can have pre-arranged schedules for different parts of the house or monitor different parts of the house when you are not home. Building intelligence is literally a smart set that, in addition to being controllable, can also match your habits to some extent.

Why a smart home? Life in today's world is very different. So it makes sense that our solutions in this modern world are different. Smart home has many benefits for its residents The most important of these benefits can be placed in 4 main categories: Controlling all household items Provide more safety and security Optimize energy consumption and time Controlling equipment and luxury capabilities

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