Third Vision

CCTV & Camera

Surveillance cameras are among the advanced protection and security equipment, which is used to control traffic, care and protection of public and private places, as well as nursing and remote care of children and the elderly.
The smart camera will provide many security features. In a smart home, a smart camera works in such a way that you can control the security of your home from all directions throughout the day and night. To put it simply, CCTV cameras are your home keeper and your assets.

Central vacuum cleaner

Central vacuum cleaner is a central suction system for cleaning the building and sending garbage through pipes inside the wall to a place far from where you live. For this purpose, suction plugs are installed in the required cleaning places of the building and are connected to the central suction device which is installed in a suitable place such as engine room, basement, warehouse or parking lot by built-in pipes.


Everything is integrated in the smart home. With the help of smart home user interfaces, you can also control security sections such as alarms, temperature, light and motion sensors, view images related to security cameras, and use simple security scenarios for greater efficiency and peace of mind.


Motion and contact sensors provide many capabilities in the smart home. Wireless motion sensors in combination with intelligent lighting allow you to control the lighting of rooms according to the presence or absence of people, and wireless contact sensors significantly increase your control over entrance doors.

Smart locks

Smart locks that are combined with the smart home system allow you to open and close the doors of the house from anywhere in the world, in addition, if someone enters the house, you will receive a message. These smart locks are produced by reputable and different companies.

TV and home theater

In the smart home, playing movies and home theater is an important part. The intelligent system integrates all home and movie distribution equipment. One of the most important benefits of this integration is that there is no need for different remotes for different devices such as TVs, DVD players and satellites, and all devices are controlled by smart home remote control. In addition, the ability to play movies anywhere in the house from a network drive enhances the movie viewing experience for smart home residents.

Control and play music

Playing music from mobile, playing music from network hard drive, sorting songs, playing different music simultaneously in several rooms, internet radios and free music playing services are some of the features of the smart home in the field of music.

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